Yelimane Fall & Nicholas Pelafas

Yelimane Fall is visual artist, educator, and community activist based just outside of Dakar. There he works in his own atelier as well as with a small non-profit, using art and music therapy to rehabilitate rescued street kids. At Thread, his residency took on many guises. Nicholas Pelafas, an artist and educator from New York and frequent collaborator of Yelimane's was there to assist him. 

Yelimane worked prolifically on his own unique art that incorporates Arabic calligraphy, Wolof, and West African color aesthetics. 

But the main thrust of his residency was in his work with various communities within and surrounding Sinthian. This included student workshops with children (from a rural background rather than the urban background he usually works within). Woodblock printing workshops with interested women from Sinthian. And, perhaps most impressively, in conversations with the imam and other religious dignitaries in Sinthian and its surrounding, explaining to them his profound understanding of the correlation between spirituality and art. 

Finally, he helped us to establish the curriculum for what is now a flourishing arts course incorporated into the primary schools in five neighboring villages. 

Click here for further documentation of his time there and the various projects he and Nicholas executed with our team and the community.