Vera Boele-Keimer 

“I arrived at Thread with no clear preconception of what I would produce, hoping to find patterns or materials to use or respond to. I didn’t have to look far - the architecture of the centre with its simple materials and colours and its organic patterns and shapes did not cease to fascinate me and I decided to respond directly to it by creating a floor drawing on one of the circular platforms. Using a piece of cloth as a stencil I transferred the negative space of a hand-drawn geometric pattern that I had cut into the cloth with white chalk onto the platform. The final drawing measured 5.20m x 3.40m and became part of the fabric of the building for a short time before slowly vanishing.

Noticing the small black chalkboards used by the children, I bought a set of them and linked them together to form a larger surface, adding a simple chalk drawing to it. The resulting object is presented like an abstract painting.

I enjoyed working with children in a workshop the aim of which was to create simple patterns using negative space as part of the composition by cutting into coloured or black paper and arranging the resulting elements on a differently coloured ground. Their focus and enthusiasm were fantastic.

Looking at some of the striking patterns created, I decided to take the idea to a larger scale and made a wall piece, cutting horizontal blocks into a rectangular piece of black plastic sheeting. The size of this work corresponded to the size of one of the curved walls where it was installed. As in the floor drawing a part of the architecture became an element of the work. Folding and unfolding the horizontal blocks and photographing the variations, I created a short animation.

On a smaller scale I worked on a series of A4 sized drawings, using a knife to scrape away black paint on fold lines to reveal patterns based on folded grids. These pieces are reminiscent of textile designs or fragments of cloth.

Together with the other two artists in residence we arranged an exhibition at Thread, showing all work created during the residency. It was a pleasure being able to present outcomes, in particular the projection of the short animation on the very surface where it had been created. All works seem to have emerged in response to the building, its opening and closing forms, and allowing openings and absences to become an integral part of a structured surface.”