Saliou Diop

Saliou Diop, a Tambacounda-based scluptor, completed a residency at Thread during the summer of 2015. For his work, he collects debris and detritus found strewn around the cities and rural communities, and repurposes them into fantastic sculptures of animals and creatures of tribal folklore. Along with focusing on his own work, Diop ran numerous workshops for children from Sinthian at Thread. In the workshops, the kids were shown ways they too could repurpose the easily accessible materials of debris and explore the freedom of creative exercises.

Saliou Diop has become a regular resident at Thread, coming out to collaborate with visiting artists and lead further workshops particularly focused on teaching children the impetus behind art making and how art can be used to express their own ideas or foster their own creative impulses. He also created a work specifically for Thread's atrium: an exquisite sculpture of a woman either in prayer or begging for water. All of the work he does, he does while ninety percent blind. Please click here, to learn more about his center -- Bankuba Art -- in Tambacounda city, and what you can do to help.