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Kasimma Okani


Is a Belgian artists working mainly with photography and collage. At Thread, her visual work was centred around the theme of “culture in relation to nature”.


Is an experimental participatory theater artist, director, drummer and researcher from Nigeria. At Thread, he developped new artistic and cultural partnerships that will engender creative and cultural bonds.


Portland based visual artist who returned to Thread a year and half after her first successful residency. Besides working on past projects, she brought new ideas to work with the women of Sinthian.


Monica Chemay

With a rich practice of textile design and weaving, Monica likes to investigate and experiment with new ideas and forms, and engage in collaborative projects.


Is a choreographer, company director, and dancer from Burkina Faso, and known to be one of the most exciting young choreographers from West Africa. Ladji first visited Thread in 2017, and came back two years later for a month long residency.


Fiona Struengmann

Is a versatile artist with a restrained design aesthetic that comes through in her photographic works and drawings on paper.


Visual artists who at Thread worked with cloth, plastic, cardboard and other found materials which she manipulated with improvised processes such as painting, cutting, tying, printing, folding or wrapping.



Drawing from her Ghanaian-American identity, she is interested in notions of home, belonging, hybrid identities, and existential migration. At Thread, she used weaving, indigo-dyeing and video to tap into her West African heritage.


A German painter who begins each work with no preconceived composition. At Thread, she worked with local artists and craftspersons to try something outside of her painting practice.


A New York-based artist interested in the crossroads of human culture and the natural world. At Thread, she found inspiration for a site-specific installation in the local practice of using upended glass bottles to demarcate gardens and paths.


Based in Madrid, Oscar works mostly with drawing and painting. At Thread, he made sculptural installations out of objects in the landscape, by adding paint which he had made himself from plants and other naturally occurring materials.

Robin Verheyn.jpg

Is a Belgian saxophone player. He used his time at Thread to write new music, and collaborate with kora and djembe players in Tambacounda.


Seeds was a year-long collaboration between Thread and the Villa Romana in Florence, Italy, which involved a number of Senegalese and International artists.


Nigerian artist that uses the disciplines of painting, graphics design, film, photography, sculpture and installation to pose a critical lens at African and global social phenomenons.


American sculptor who explores archetypal female and mythological forms. At Thread, she built “La Femme de Sinthian”, (The Woman of Sinthian) a 3-meter high bamboo sculpture on the road from Sinthian to the village of Saal.


A Montrèal-based puppet maker and performance artist. At Thread, she worked with children to help them tell their own stories through making puppets and holding theatrical performances.


Is an American dance artist, educator, and activist. At Thread, she worked on her project, “the Welcome Table”, and dug deeply into Africanist dance techniques.


Saliou Diop metal paintings

Saliou Diop is a Tambacounda based sculptor and painter, working mainly with recycled materials. He also teaches children in his studio, Bankuba Art, where he from October 2019 - inspired by his time at Thread - will start hosting visiting artists from abroad.

Giovanni Hänninen & Alberto Amoretti.jpg

A film-maker from Milan, Italy, who has worked closely with Thread on tackling clandestine immigration. Along with Giovanni Hänninen, he worked on the short documentary series Senegal/Sicily.

Giovanni Hanninen.png

A photographer from Milan, Italy, who also worked with Thread on combating clandestine immigration. Along with Alberto Amoretti, they made the short documentary series Senegal/Sicily.


An American artist who uses installations to situate her practice into ideas of spatial matters as black matters, understanding landscape as palimpsest. At Thread, she researched rice cultivation and began a documentary film on the subject.


Bahamian interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation art. At Thread, he spent his time gathering found materials, which he fabricated into a series of sculptures.


Senegalese actor, director and comedian. At Thread, he devoted his residency to climate change, and to discuss its impacts and implications with Sinthian’s inhabitants.


Both Brooklyn-based designers explored and researched local craftsmanship in Sinthian and the surrounding villages, spending time with artisans.

Barack Obama Olewe.JPG

Barack Obama Olewe

At Thread, this photograher conducted photo workshops with schoolchildren, and documented life in Sinthian, Saal, and Ngene, spending a large amount of time on the banana plantations.


Is a freelance illustrator based in Iceland. At Thread, she worked in situ--whether in the village of Sinthian or out in the fields--from very early each morning until dusk to illustrate the complete daily lives of the inhabitants of the area.


Ibrahima Cissé

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Is a New York based producer and photographer. At Thread, she paid homage to the portrait tradition of West Africa by setting up a portable studio in Sinthian, and inviting locals to be photographed.


Parisian textile artist and designer who has been living in Dakar for more than ten years. At Thread, she reintroduced local women to weaving on the loom, a technique that had been lost in Sinthian.


Born and raised in Mississippi, Andrew is a writer, director, and designer of performances, theater, opera and fashion shows. At Thread, he wrote and explored new ideas and costumes for an opera.



Matthias Persson

Working in close collaboration with youngsters from the local community, Matthias made drawings, photo collages and landscape installation. He also let writing and drawing workshops with children.


Having grown up in a village not too dissimilar from Sinthian, Badou is a Senegalese artist who experiences painting as a kind of feedback loop from weaving between his past experiences and sure sense of the future.

Jinks Kunst.jpg

Is a Swiss graffiti artist. At Thread, he contributed murals and street paintings to the city of Tambacounda and its Cultural Center as part of Negga Dou’s Festival de L’Union, which was sponsored by Thread.


Spent their time in Sinthian developing new choreography. They also collaborated with local dancers, creating an exchange of Senegalese and modern dance vocabulary.


Cameroonian artist who addresses topics linked to spirituality, seeking the mechanisms that regulate contemporary society. At Thread, he worked on large-scale paintings, which he later bound into a massive book with the help of a Sinthian leatherworker.


Mauritanian artist who runs a studio there in Nouakchott. At Thread, he made large-scale paintings.


Combined their expertise to run photography and poetry workshops with schoolchildren, and to produce a collaborative artist’s book called Jam Tan!


Grace Wales Bonner launched her eponymous label in 2014, proposing a distinct notion of luxury, via a hybrid of European and Afro-Atlantic approaches. At Thread, she used her time to research weaving, textiles and crafts.


Artist based in France. At Thread, she spent her residency drawing and walking, and exploring the interchange of the two.


A London-based art writer, who used his time in Sinthian to explore local storytelling practices, including the griot tradition.


Portland based artist who makes works that honor the interconnectedness of being and explore the timeless, magical reality of biology in the worlds we inhabit. At Thread, she collaborated with local women on an enormous dress called La Grande Robe


Born in Ketao, Togo, he creates works which disturb and question, still exploring the ambiguous relation that man has with his animality, in an increasingly critical viewpoint regarding the supposed radical separation between both.

Joyce NG.jpg

The Asian-born, London-based photographer, is a rising star in today’s fashion landscape. She uses street-casted models, natural environments and props to create images which feel both familiar, yet surreal.


Is a London based composer, producer and sound artist. At Thread, he worked with Senegalese musicians producing music for fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner and recording a score to Malcolm Sutherland’s new animation.


Video still

Captured extensive footage and soundscapes. One of the most remarkable projects she worked on saw the distribution of film cameras to a handful of Sinthian children.

Siri Johansen, Knit.jpg

Used Thread to return to hand-knitting and other personal projects. This included a project of hand-knitted amorphous shapes, inspired by the locally designed tile pattern of Thread's floor.


Victor Bidiar

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Elise Eearearts

Is a Belgian artist working primarily in ceramics and site-specific earthworks. At Thread, she worked with local ceramicists and focused on learning the local techniques.


A Tambacounda-based sculptor, who collects debris and detritus found strewn around the cities and rural communities and re-purposes them into fantastic sculptures.


An NYC based artist with experience in textile design in Ghana. Through a partnership with Jacquard Products, she was able to bring well-subsidized materials to create instant cyanotypes.


Yelimane Fall & Nicholas Pelafas

Is a visual artist, educator, and community activist based outside of Dakar. There he works in his atelier and with a non-profit, using art and music therapy to rehabilitate rescued street kids.


A Nigerian writer interested in the role of writing and art to promote the ever-evolving concept of the “trans-African,” which problematizes the role of nationhood and colonialism in African identity.


At Thread, Dou wrote and recorded many songs. In particular, he wrote one about Sinthian. Now, whenever visiting the village, you hear young boys playing or singing this song.