Tomma Abts


In Tomma’s own words:

“When I first heard about the Thread residency programme, I was sure right away that I wanted to go. I was not planning (or expecting) to produce anything in particular during my stay, and was open to working together with an artist or craftsperson from Sinthian, to try something outside of my painting practice. But since it was rainy season, nearly everyone was out working in the fields.

 I had brought drawing and watercolour materials, and settled into working for a few hours each day, whenever it was not too hot or too humid. In reverse to how I usually proceed in my paintings, I mostly started with dark backgrounds and then layered brighter colours on top.

 But what I have really taken with me is not the work I made there, but all that I have learned about the people in the village by simply spending a whole month there. Time seemed to be passing very slowly, but I felt that this was just long enough to start to understand a little bit about daily life and its challenges in Sinthian.”