Elín Einarsdóttir

Icelandic illustrator, Elín Einarsdóttir arrived at Thread in November and worked on illustration from the very first day she arrived. She worked in situ--whether in the village of SInthian, or out in the fields--from very early each morning until dusk in order to illustrate the complete daily lives of the inhabitants of teh area.

Most often, she could be found at the public center of the village, depicting people, animals, activities; or getting invited into people's homes to depict more intimate settings. 

Concurrently, she organized a workshop with local teachers to train of basic illustration techniques--such as how to represent color in relation to distance--a which they have continued to practice with the children of the area.

At the end of her stay, she organized an exhibition of her work, for which people from all over Sinthian came to see this humble, accurate, and touching depiction of their lives and hers.