Elise Eearearts

Elise Eerearts is a Belgian artist working primarily in ceramics and site-specific earth works. At Thread, she was quick to begin working with local ceramicists, sharing some of her own practices, but focusing primarily on learning the local techniques for making clay from hard gravel, and centuries’ old firing technique for the finished products.

Her final project was to work on a series of clay pots. Elise would produce the base from a mold she designed, and then Toulai Diallo (or one of her other collaborators) would finish the pots. The results are beautiful chimeras fusing aesthetics and techniques from two distinct parts of the globe. For more of Elise's past and current work, click here.

Below you will also find a video that Elise made of her experience at Thread that focuses on the entire process of working with local ceramicists. Bumbu, the title of the video, is the Pulaar term for the beginning of a pot.