Thread exists at a crossroads between art space, community farm, water source, studio-gallery-performance space, community center, platform for culture sharing, local hangout, (inter)national residency, kid's play gym, and village cell phone charger. We hope its atypical plurality will help establish it as a positive precedent.

Access to the numerous and varied narratives that exist in West Africa is far too limited. This has resulted in a devastatingly myopic perception of what exists here, particularly in the rural communities. Thread seeks to give a greater platform for people from Tambacounda to share their own stories, and with a wider, national and international audience.

Thread is the material of linkage. It is what holds things together, and it also provides endless opportunity: both of which are goals of the center. The word particularly honors Anni Albers, who, at age twenty-two, was instructed, by the great artist Paul Klee, "to take a line for a walk;" she decided to take thread wherever it might go. Anni said that this led her to realize that "you can go anywhere from anywhere", and we have constructed Thread, and will assure its continuation, to provide people with the opportunity to go and do as they want—through art.

A Senegalese doctor and local leader, Magueye Ba (pictured above), moved to the area from Dakar in order to help the people of the village and the surrounding region. Le Korsa is a non-profit that has worked directly with Dr. Ba to support his efforts in running Sinthian’s medical center, building its first kindergarten, funding its teachers’ salaries, and helping the community initiate new agricultural practices. 

Nicholas Fox Weber, 35-year Executive Director of The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, founded Le Korsa in 2005 to galvanize support for the work he had been doing in Senegal over the previous decade.

 In 2013, with Dr. Ba’s enthusiastic encouragement, we wanted to add opportunities for engagement across cultural lines and support for the arts. Mr. Weber’s affiliation with the Albers Foundation and his inexorable desire to perpetuate the ideals of the artists it celebrates provided an obvious choice for an organization that might help spearhead this addition to the Sinthian community.