Andrea Bergart

Andrea Bergart, a New York based artist with experience working in textile design in Ghana, came to Thread with a distinct perspective. Through a partnership with Jacquard Products, she was able to bring well-subsidized materials to create instant cyanotypes. This facilitated beautiful work of her own, like those seen below: capturing staples of Sinthian life (whether a bird, a frenzy of pattern, or a man praying). These works make use of the single most readily available material in Senegal: sunlight

But many of the highlights from her residency were when these easy to use materials allowed her to conduct workshops with different subsets of the Sinthian community. From school children to local nurses to gardeners, these textiles were an opportunity for the locality to create artwork from objects with which they identified and for Andrea to see her techniques reimagined. To see some of Andrea's past and current work, click here.